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6 November 2014: Coda x Yohji litter 3 boys, 4 girls. At

this time we are not accepting any puppy applications

Coda (pictured at 4-years-old) and Yohji (pictured at 8-years-old) are OFA heart, eyes, and BAER tested normal


Each Wasatch Whippet puppy is the result of a well-planned breeding.

Wasatch Whippets are CERF (eyes), BAER (hearing), and Echocardiogram (heart) tested with normal results before being bred. Puppies are certified healthy and a contract signed by breeder and new owner provides for the welfare of each puppy. Contracts are individually tailored for specific puppy and new owner, however, an example contract for a show puppy bitch with co-ownership stipulations is attached for your information. (Example contract)


Coda x Yohji Puppies 4 weeks/6 weeks/8 weeks/11 weeks/8 months

Wasatch Adelina Bel paese

Wasatch Basilio Bel paese

Wasatch Bonifacio Bel paese

Wasatch Felice Bel paese

Wasatch Giuletta Bel paese

Wasatch Ilaria Bel paese

Wasatch Karina Bel paese